Mission Statement

Pronto Home Inspections offers complete residential inspections all along the Colorado Front Range.   The staff at Pronto knows that purchasing a home in the competitive Colorado Real Estate market can be an incredibly stressful process, which is why Pronto guarantees Prompt, Skillful, and Caring service. 

Why Choose Pronto?

At Pronto, we know that your home purchase isn’t simply a real estate transaction.  Your prospective property may be your first purchase, the place you envision raising your family, or it may be the dream home that you have worked and sacrificed to afford.  We at Pronto strive to deliver outstanding customer service and a comprehensive inspection that provides you with the information moving forward to make an informed decision about the property.

There When You Need Us

Pronto delivers Prompt service that can accommodate early mornings, nights and weekends… we are there when you need us.  Our Skillful inspectors take great pride in our attention to detail and our commitment to continuing education keeps us abreast of the latest trends in building construction.  What sets Pronto apart from the competition is the Caring attitude towards every single client. We provide education about your home and ensure that your report is completed and submitted to you in THE SAME DAY.

Inspector Qualifications

Our NACHI certified inspector is a career firefighter with a passion for Home Inspection.  In addition to being a firefighter, our inspector has a background in construction, higher education, and a work ethic that was honed on a farm in northeastern, CO.  Josh has completed his InterNachi Certification, as well as an academy sponsored by Axium Inspections.

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